Language Server Protocol (LSP)

Eintrag zuletzt aktualisiert am: 21.11.2017

"The Language Server Protocol (LSP) is a common protocol that provides language service features to developer tools. A language server contains the deep understanding of a specific language while the Language Server Protocol provides the communication between the language server and the developer tool. The complex logic of a language server needs to be implemented only once and then from there, smaller pieces of code can be written to allow the language server to talk to the specific developer tool. This allows for a consistent editing experience for any tool that supports the protocol."

"Visual Studio is joining Visual Studio Code in offering support for the Language Server Protocol. As an extension author, you can now write Visual Studio extensions that leverage existing language servers to provide a rich editing experience for languages that initially had no native language support in Visual Studio. With these extensions, you can use Visual Studio to code in your favorite language!" []