.NET Core Common Language Runtime (CoreCLR)

Eintrag zuletzt aktualisiert am: 07.07.2015

CoreCLR ist der gemeinsame Kern, der in allen Varianten der .NET-CLR verwendet wird: .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework, Silverlight, XNA.

"CoreCLR is a small version of the .NET Framework CLR. It includes all of the core capabilities to run .NET code but none of the Windows-specific integration features. It can be hosted and copied with other apps. As a result, it's an excellent choice for running in constrained space environments or that require installation flexibility. For example, it was first used as the .NET runtime in Silverlight 2.0. More recently, CoreCLR is the basis of ASP.NET vNext.
CorCLR has stringent requirements:
  • Small in size – small 10s of MBs
  • Limited dependencies on Windows -- can run on multiple OSes
  • Compatible with existing .NET Framework code"

Quelle: http://microsoft.github.io/dotnet-features/features.html

Seit Mai 2014 verwendet Microsoft "CoreCLR" auch als Name für eine "Cloud-optimierte" Fassung der CLR, eingeführt mit ASP.NET 5.0.