.NET 1.0.NET Framework 1.0
.NET 1.1.NET Framework 1.1
.NET 10.NET 10.0
.NET 12.NET 12.0
.NET 2.0.NET Framework 2.0
.NET 2.0.NET Framework 2005
.NET 3.0.NET Framework 3.0
.NET 3.5.NET Framework 3.5
.NET 4.0.NET Framework 4.0
.NET 4.5.NET Framework 4.5
.NET 4.5.1.NET Framework 4.5.1
.NET 4.6.NET Framework 4.6
.NET 4.7.NET Framework 4.7
.NET 4.8.NET Framework 4.8
.NET 4.8.1.NET Framework 4.8.1
.NET 5.NET 5.0
.NET 6.NET 6.0
.NET 64.NET Framework 64-Bit
.NET 7.NET 7.0
.NET 8.NET 8.0
.NET 9.NET 9.0
.NET CF.NET Compact Framework
.NET Core.NET Core Framework
.NET SDK.NET Software Development Kit
AABAndroid App Bundle
AADAzure Active Directory
ABIApplication Binary Interface
ACAAzure Container Apps
ACEAccess Control Entry
ACEAccess Database Engine
ACLAccess Control List
ACLAsynchronous Communication Layer
ACRAzure Container Registry
ACSAzure Container Service
ACTApplication Center Test
ADActive Directory
AD LDSActive Directory Lightweight Directory Services
ADACActive Directory Administrative Center
ADALAzure Active Directory Authentication Library
ADAMActive Directory Application Mode
ADBActive Directory Browser
ADCAssembly Download Cache
ADDSActive Directory Domain Services
ADFSActive Directory Federation Service
ADMGSActive Directory Management Gateway Service
ADMOActive Directory Management Objects
ADOActiveX Data Objects
ADOAzure DevOps
ADO.NET Active Data Objects .NET
ADO.NET 2.0Active Data Objects .NET 2.0
ADO.NET 3.xActive Data Objects .NET 3.x
ADOCEActiveX Data Objects for Windows CE
ADODBActiveX Data Objects Database
ADOMD ActiveX Data Objects Multi Dimensional
ADOMD.NETActive Data Object Multi Dimension .NET
ADOXActiveX Data Objects Extensions
ADPHAppDomain Protocol Handlers
ADSActive Directory Service
ADSIActive Directory Service Interface
ADTAuxiliary Display Technology
ADTGAdvanced Data Tablegram
Advapi32Advanced Windows 32 Base API
ADWSActive Directory Web Services
AINOAgile in Name Only
AJAXAsynchronous Javascript and XML
AKMActive Knowledge Module
AKSAzure Kubernetes Services
AlfkiAlfreds Futterkiste
ALMApplication LLifecycle Management
ALPApplication Level Programming
AMDAsynchronous Module Definition
AMOAnalysis Services Management Objects
AMPAccelerated Massive Parallelism
AMSIAntimalware Scan Interface
Angular CLIAngular Command Line Interface
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
APIApplication Programming Interface
APIMAzure API Management
APIPAAutomatic Private IP Addressing
APKAndroid Package
APMApplication Performance Monitoring
APMAsynchronous Programming Model
AppDomainApplication Domain
APPIDApplication Identifier
APTCAAllow Partially Trusted Callers
AQSAdvanced Query Syntax
ARTAhead-of-time-Compiler Android Runtime
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASEAdmin Script Editor
ASPActive Server Pages
ASP.NETActive Server Pages .NET
ASP.NET 2.0Active Server Pages .NET 2.0
ASP.NET 3.0ASP.NET Webforms 3.0
ASP.NET 3.5ASP.NET Webforms 3.5
ASP.NET 4.0ASP.NET Webforms 4.0
ASP.NET 4.5ASP.NET Webforms 4.5
ASP.NET MVCASP.NET Model View Controler
ASP+Active Server Pages Plus
ASPNGActive Server Pages Next Generation
AssemblyRefAssembly Reference
ASSLAnalysis Services Scripting Language
ATECMicrosoft Authorised Technical Education Center
ATLActive Template Library
ATSAdapted Type System
ATSAzure Table Storage
AUOActive User Objects
AWSAmazon Web Services
AWTAbstract Windowing Toolkit
Azure CLIAzure Command Line Interface
bashBourne-again shell
BASICBeginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BCLBase Class Library
BIDSBusiness Intelligence Development Studio
BIOSBasic Input Output System
BITSBackground Intelligent Transfer Service
BLBusiness Logik
BlazorASP.NET Core Blazor
Blazor 5.0ASP.NET Core Blazor 5.0
Blazor WASMBlazor WebAssembly
BlendMicrosoft Expression Blend
BLOB Binary Large Object
BMLBusiness Markup Language
BOABusiness Orientated Architecture
BOFBegin Of File
BotRBook of the Runtime
BOTRBand on the Runtime
BPMNBusiness Process Model and Notation
BSTRBasic String
BUILDMicrosoft BUILD-Konferenz
BUILD 2015Microsoft BUILD-Konferenz 2015
BUILD 2016Microsoft BUILD-Konferenz 2016
BYOTBring your own Transaction
C# 10.0CSharp 10.0
C# 11.0CSharp 11.0
C# 12.0CSharp 12.0
C# 13.0CSharp 13.0
C# 2.0CSharp 2.0
C# 3.0CSharp 3.0
C# 4.0CSharp 4.0
C# 5.0CSharp 5.0
C# 6.0CSharp 6.0
C# 7.0CSharp 7.0
C# 7.0CSharp 7.3
C# 7.1CSharp 7.1
C# 7.2CSharp 7.2
C# 8.0CSharp 8.0
C# 9.0CSharp 9.0
C++/CXC++ Component Extensions
CABComposite UI Application Block
CAMLCollaborative Application Markup Language
CAOClient Activated Object
CAOClient-Activated Object
CAPICOMCryptoAPI Component
CAS Code Access Security
CATIDCategory Identifier
CBDComponent Based Development
CBFCode Behind Forms
CBL-MarinerCommon Base Linux Mariner
CBRCall by reference
CBSEComponent Based Software Enginering
CBVCall by calue
CCMChange and Configuration Management
CCMComponent Category Manager
CCMCORBA Component Model
CCW COM Callable Wrapper
CDATACharacter Data Sektion
CDKComponent Dev Kit
CDNContent Delivery Network
CDOCollaboration Data Objects
CDOEXCDO 3.0 for Exchange 2000
CDOEXMCDO for Exchange Management
CDOW2KCDO 2.0 for Windows 2000
CDOWFCDO Workflow Objects for Microsoft Exchange
CDXMLCommandlet Definition XML
CERCommon Engineering Report
CERConstrained Execution Region
CFCompact Framework
CGICommon Gateway Interface
CHMCompressed HTML
CIAConfidentiality, Integrity/Identity, Authentication/Authorization/Auditing
CIFSCommon Internet File System
CILCommon Intermediate Language
CIMCommon Information Model
CISCOM Internet Services
CLBComponent Load Balancing
CLFSCommon Log File System
CLICommand Line Interface
CLICommon Language Infrastructure
CLIPCommunity Leader/Influencer Program
CLOBCharacter Large Object
CLRCommon Language Runtime
CLSCommon Language Specification
CLSIDClass Identifier
CMIPCommon Management Information Protocol
CMMICapability Maturity Model Integration
CNCommon Name
CNABCloud Native Application Bundle
CNCFCloud Native Computing Foundation
CNGCrypto Next Generation
CodeDOMCode Document Object Model
COMComponent Object Model
COM-APICOM Application Programming Interface
ConcRTConcurrency Runtime
COPComponent Oriented Programmierung
CORCommon Object Runtime
CORComponent Object Runtime
CORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture
CoreCLR.NET Core Common Language Runtime
CoreFX.NET Core Foundational Libraries
CoreFX.NET Core Libraries
CoreWCFCore Windows Communication Foundation
CORSCross-Origin Resource Sharing
CPPEEC++ Express Edition
CPSMicrosoft Cloud Platform System
CQLCIM Query Language
CQRSCommand Query Responsibility Segregation
CR/LFCarriage Return Line Feed
CRMCompensating Resource Manager
CRTC Run-Time Libraries
CRUDCreate Read Update Delete
CRUDSCreate Read Update Delete Search
CSDLCommon Schema Definition Language
CSDLConceptual Schema Definition Language
CSEEC# Express Edition
CSFConnected Services Framework
CSLCComponent Based Software Life Cycle
CSPContent Security Policy
CSRFCross-Site Request Forgery
CSSCascading Style Sheet
CSVComma Separated Value
CTECommon Table Expression
CTECMicrosoft Certified Technical Education Center
CTPCommunity Technoloy Preview
CTS Common Type System
CUIConsole User Interface
CVSConcurrent Versions System
DACLDiscretionary Access Control List
DACPACData-tier Application Package
DALData Access Layer
DAOData Access Object
DAP Directory Access Protocol
DAPIData Protection API
DAPRDistributed Application Runtime
DASLDAV Searching and Locating
DAVDistributed Authoring and Versioning
DAXData Analysis Expressions
DBCDesign by Contract
DCDomain Controller
DCDApplication Connection Designer
DCEDistributed Computing Environment
DCODomino Collaboration Objects
DCOMDistributed Component Object Model
DDDeployment Designer
DDCCDeveloper Division Compatibility Council
DDDDynamic Data Controls
DDIDevice Driver Interface
DDSASP.NET Dynamic Data Website
DEXDalvik Executable Format
dFPUGDeutschsprachige Foxpro User Group
DFSDistributed File System
DGMLDirected Graph Markup Language
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHTMLDynamic Hypertext Markup Language
DHTML WidgetDynamic Hypertext Markup Language Widget
DIMEDirect Internet Message Encapsulation
DISPIDDispatch Identifier
DLDeep Learning
DLLDynamic Link Library
DLRDynamic Language Runtime
DMFDynamic Management Function
DMLData Manipulation Language
DMO Distributed Management Objects
DMTFDesktop Management Task Force
DMVDynamic Management View
DNDistinguished Name
DNADistributed interNet Application Architecture
DNSDomain Name Service
DNU.NET Development Utility
DNVM.NET Version Manager
DNX.NET Execution Environment
DOMDocument Object Model
DOSDisc Operating System
DPMData Protection Manager
DPSData Protection Server
DRYDon't Repeat Yourself
DSCDesired State Configuration
DSDTDistributed System Design Tools
DSHDOTNET Scripting Host
DSIDynamic Systems Initiative
DSLDomain Specific Language
DSMLDirectory Services Markup Language
DSNData Source Name
DSODecision Support Objects
DTCDistributed Transaction Coordinator
DTCDesign Time Control
DTDDocument Type Definition
DTOData Transfer Object
DTSData Transformation Service
DVCSDistributed Version Control
DVMDalvik Virtual Machine
DWMDesktop Window Manager
EAAEuropean Accessibility Act
EADEnterprise Application Development
EAPEvent-based Asynchronous Pattern
ECMEnterprise Content Management Framework
ECMA European Computer Manufacturers Association
EDBEmbedded Database
EDMEntity Data Model
EDRAEnterprise Development Reference Architecture
EFADO.NET Entity Framework
EF Core 3.0Entity Framework Core 3.0
EFCEntity Framework Core
egrepExtended Global Regular Expressions Print
EJBEnterprise Java Beans
ELTExtract, Load, Transform
EMSExchange Management Shell
EOFEnd Of File
EOSEnd of Stream
ERMEntity Relationship-Modell
ES 2015ECMAScript 2015
ES 2016ECMAScript 2016
ES 6ECMAScript 6
ES 7ECMAScript 7
ESATE Exchange Script Agent Test Environment
ESBEnterprise Service Bus
ESEExtensible Storage Engine
ESMECMAScript Module
ESQLEmbedded SQL
ETLExtract, Transform, Load
ETSExtended Type System
EWQLExtended WQL
FakesMicrosoft Fakes Isolation Framework
FCL.NET Framework Class Library
FCLFramework Class Library
FCL 2.0Framework Class Library 2.0
FDDFramework-dependent Deployment
FMTIDFormat Identifier
FPSFailover Partner Server
FPSEFront Page Server Extensions
FPSEFrontpage Server Extensions
FQDNFully Qualified Distinguished Name
FSL.NET Framework Standard Library
FSMOFlexible Single Master Operation
FSO File System Object
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
FVEFull Volume Encryption
GACGlobal Assembly Cache
GALGlobal Address List
GATGuidance Automation Toolkit
GAXGuidance Automation Extentions
GCGarbage Collector
GCGlobal Catalog Server
GCGlobal Catalogue
GCMGit Credential Manager
GCPGoogle Cloud Platform
GDIGraphics Device Interface
GDI+Graphics Device Interface+
GDKGame Development Kit
GIFGraphics Interchange Format
GLLGo Live License
GPLGeneral Purpose Language
GPMCGroup Policy Management Console
GPOGroup Policy Object
grepGlobal Regular Expressions Print
gRPCGoogle Remote Procedure Call
GUIGraphical User Interface
GUIDGlobal Unique Identifier
GXAGlobal XML Webservice Architecture
HATHelp Authoring Tool
HATEOASHypertext As The Engine Of Application State
HMRHot Module Replacement
HSMHardware Security Module
HTCHTML Component
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
HWCHostable Web Core
IaaSInfrastructure as a Service
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
ICTInitial Configuration Tasks
IDCInternet Database Connector
IDEIntegrated Development Environment
IDLInterface Definition Language
IEInternet Explorer
IETFInternet Engineering Task Force
IIDInterface Identifier
IIFEImmediately Invoked Function Expression
IIOPInternet Inter-ORB Protocol
IISInternet Information Server
IIS 7.0/7.5Internet Information Server 7.0/7.5
IIS 8.0Internet Information Server 8.0
IIS ExpressInternet Information Server Express
ILIntermediation Language
ILXExtended Intermediate Language
IMDBIn-Memory Database
INETAInternational .NET Association
IOInput Output
IoCInversion of Control
IPInternet Protocol
IPAiOS App Package
IPCInterprocess Communication
IPIDInterface Pointer Identifier
IPMInterpersonal Message
IPMIIntelligent Platform Management Interface
IPXInternet Packet eXchange
IRPhoenix intermediate representation
ISInformation Store
ISAPIInternet Services Application Programming Interface
ISBInternet Service Bus
ISEPowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment
ISOInternational Standardization Organization
ISTGIntersite Topology Generator
Jakarta EEJakarta Enterprise Edition
Java EEJava Enterprise Edition
JAXBJava Architecture for XML Binding
JAX-RPCJava API for XML-Based Remote Procedure Calls
JAX-WSJava API for XML-Web Services
JCLJava Class Library
JCPJava Community Process
JDBCJava Database Connectivity
JEEEclipse Jakarta EE Platform
JETMicrosoft Joint Engine Technology
JITAJust-in-Time Activation
JLCAJava Language Concersion Assistent
JLSJava Language Specification
JNDIJava Naming and Directory Interface
JNIJava Native Interface
JPA-QLJava Persistence Query Language
JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group
JRMPJava Remote Method Protocol
JSEEJ# Express Edition
JSFJava Server Faces
JSONJavaScript Object Notation
JSONWPJSON Wire Protocol
JSPJava Server Pages
JSRJava Specification Request
JSTLJava Server Pages Tag Library
JUMPJava User Migration Path to Microsoft .NET
JVMJava Virtual Machine
KIKünstliche Intelligenz
KISSKeep It Simple, Stupid
KTMKernel Transaction Manager
LCOWLinux Containers on Windows
LCSLive Communications Server
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDDLogical Datacenter Designer
LDDMLonghorn Display Driver Model
LIBIDLibrary Identifier
LINQLanguage Integrated Query
LLMLarge Language Model
LMTMicrosoft local test manager
LocalDBSQL Express LocalDB
LOHLarge Object Heap
LPCLocal Procedure Call
LRPCLightweight Remote Procedure Call
LSBLocal Service Bus
LSPLanguage Server Protocol
LTMLightweight Transaction Manager
LTSCLong-Term Servicing Channel
LUALimited User Accounts
MOslo Modelling Language "M"
MAFManaged Add-In Framework
MAMLMicrosoft Assistance Markup Language
Managed APIManaged Application Programming Interface
MAPIMessaging Application Programming Interface
MARSMultiple Active Results Sets
MATMicrosoft Application Translator
MAUI.NET Multi-Platform App UI
MBFMicrosoft Business Framework
MBRMarshal by Reference
MBVMarshal by value
MCADMicrosoft Certified Application Developer
MCDBAMicrosoft Certified Database Administrator
MCDSTMicrosoft Certified Desktop Support Technicians
MCFMOM Connector Framework
MCMSMicrosoft Content Management Server
MCPMicrosoft Certified Professional
MCPPManaged C++
MCPPMicrosoft Communications Protocol Program
MCRMicrosoft Container Registry
MCSAMicrosoft Certified Systems Administrator
MCSDMicrosoft Certified Solution Developer
MCSEMicrosoft Certified Systems Engineer
MDAModel Driven Architecture
MDACMicrosoft Data Access Components
MDAIPPOLE DB Provider for Internet Publishing
MDBGManaged Debugger
MDEMicrosoft Development Environment
MDEMicrosoft Document Explorer
MDIMicrosoft Document Imaging
MDILMachine Dependent Intermediate Language
MDLMicrosoft Design Language
MDXMultidimensional Expression
MEFManaged Extensibility Framework
MEPMessage Exchange Pattern
MEXWeb Services Metadata Exchange
MFAMulti File Assembly
MFCMicrosoft Foundation Classes
MGBMicrosoft Global Briefing
MIWindows Management Infrastructure
MI APIManagement Infrastructure API
MIDLMicrosoft Interface Definition Language
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
MINFUMicrosoft Nomenclature Foul-Up
MITMobile Internet Toolkit
MLMaschinelles Lernen
MMCMicrosoft Management Console
MOManaged Object
MOCMicrosoft Official Curriculum
MODIMicrosoft Office Document Imaging
MOFManaged Object Format
MOFMicrosoft Operational Framework
MOMMicrosoft Operations Manager
MonoDroidMono for Android
MOSSMicrosoft Office SharePoint Server
MPGOManaged Profile Guided Optimization
MPLSMicrosoft Partner for Learning Solutions
MSAMicrosoft Account
MSALMicrosoft Authentication Library
MSBeeMS Build Everett Environment
MSBuildMicrosoft .NET Build Engine
MSBuildMicrosoft Build
MSCLMicrosoft Shell Command Language
MSCOMMicrosoft Component Object Model
MSDAORAMicrosoft OleDb Provider for Oracle
MSDEMicrosoft Database Engine
MSDNMicrosoft Developer Network
MSDN LibraryMicrosoft Developer Network Library
MSDNAAMicrosoft Developer Network for Academic Alliance
MSDTCMicrosoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator
MSEMicrosoft Script Editor
MSFMicrosoft Solutions Framework
MSHMicrosoft Shell
MSIMicrosoft Installer
MSILMicrosoft Intermediate Language
MSIXMSIX Windows Application Packaging
MSJVMMicrosoft Java Virtual Machine
MSLMapping Specification Language
MSLMicrosoft Support Lifecycle
MSMQMicrosoft Message Queuing
MSRMicrosoft Reports
MSRPCMicrosoft Remote Procedure Call
MSRSRemote Scripting
MSSQLMicrosoft SQL Server
MSSQL 2005Microsoft SQL Server 2005
MSSQL 2008Microsoft SQL Server 2008
MSSQL 2012Microsoft SQL Server 2012
MSSQL 2014Microsoft SQL Server 2014
MSSQL 2016Microsoft SQL Server 2016
MSSQL 2017Microsoft SQL Server 2017
MSVSMicrosoft Virtual Server
MSXMLMicrosoft XML
MTOMMessage Transmission Optimization Mechanism
MTSMicrosoft Transaction Server
MVCMode-View-Controler Framework
MVPMost Valuable Professional
NANeutral Apartment
NAPNetwork Access Protection
NDFNetwork Diagnostic Framework
NDKAndroid Native Development Kit
NDR Network Data Representation
NDSNovell Directory Service
NetBIOSNETwork Basic Input Output System
ngenNative Image Generation
NGPPNext Generation Print Path
NGWS Next Generation Windows Service
NLBNetwork Load Balancing
NLPNatural Language Processing
NNNeurales Netzwerk
NNTPNetwork News Transfer Protocol
No-args ctorParameterloser Konstruktor
NPMNode Package Manager
NTNeeds Thirtytwo
NTNew Technology
NTNice Try
NT4Windows NT Version 4.0
NTFSNew Technology File System
NuGetNuGet Library Package Manager
NUINatural User Interface
NXExecution Protection
OASOpenAPI Specification
OAuthOpen Authorization
OBAOffice Business Application
OBFXObject Persistance Framework
OCOracle Cloud
OCIOracle Cloud Infrastructure
OCLOpen CLI Library
OCMOptional Component Manager
OCSObject Construction String
OCSOffice Communications Server
OCSPOnline Certificate Status Revocation Protocol
ODATAOpen Data Protocol
ODBCOpen Database Connectivity
OIDCOpenID Connect
OLAPOn-Line Analytical Processing
OLEObject Linking and Embedding
OLE DBObject Linking and Embedding Database
OleTxOLE DB Transactions
OleTxOLE Transactions
OMOperations Management
OMGObject Management Group
OMIOpen Management Infrastructure
OMTObject Modelling Technique
OO4OOracle Objects for OLE
OOADObjektorientierte Analyse und Design
OOPObjektorientiertes Programmieren
OPCOpen Packaging Convention
OpCodes Operation Codes
OpenXPSOpen XML Paper Specification
ORDBMBObjekt-relationale Datenbank
ORMObjekt-Relationales Mapping
ORPCObject Remote Procedure Call
OSAopen scripting architecture
OSIOpen Systems Interconnection
OSITOrientieren, Selektieren, Informieren, Transagieren
OTBObject Test Bench
OTLPOpen Telemetry Protocol
OUOrganizational Unit
OWASPOpen Web Application Security Project
P/InvokePlatform Invoke
P/PCPocket PC
PAPortable Applications
PAASPlatform As A Service
PABPersonal Addressbook
Page FXASP.NET Page Framework
Page FXPage Framework
PALPlatform Abstraction Layer
PASWAProposed Infoset Addendum to SOAP Messages with Attachments
PBIProduct Backlog Item
PBRPass by reference
PBVPass by value
PCPersonal Computer
PCLPortable Class Library
PDBProgram Database
PDCPrimary Domain Control
PDCProfessional Developers Conference
PEPortable Executable
PE32+Portable Executable+
PERLPractical Extraction and Reporting Language
PGPPretty Good Privacy
PHPPersonal Home Page Tools
PIAPrimary Interop Assembly
PICSPlatform For Internet Content Selection
PIMplatform-independent model
PL/SQLProcedural Language / Structured Query Language
PMCPackage Manager Console
PNETDotGnu Portable .NET
PNRPPeer Name Resolution Protocol
POCOPlain Old CLR Object
POGOProfile Guided Optimization
POHPinned Object Heap
POJOPlain Old Java Object
POOMPocket Outlook Object Model
POXPlain Old XML
PPHProcess Protocol Handler
PPLParallel Patterns Library
PPMpower policy manager
PPRPartial Page Rendering
ProgIDProgrammatic Identifier
PS CorePowerShell Core
PS7PowerShell 7
PSCXPowerShell Community Extensions
PSDirectPowerShell Direct
PSESPowerShell Editor Services
PSLPowershell Language
PSMplatform-specific models
PSRPPowerShell Remoting Protocol
PSSAPowerShell Script Analyzer
PSWAWindows PowerShell Web Access
PUIPersonal User Interfaces
PWAProgressive Web App
QFEQuick Fix Engineering
QUICQuic UDP Internet Connections
R2RReadyToRun Images
RARegulärer Ausdruck
RADRapid Application Development
RailsRuby on Rails
RASRemote Access Service
RazorASP.NET Razor View Engine
RBSRole Based Security
RCLRazor Class Library
RCW Runtime Callable Wrapper
RDCRemote Differential Compression
RDFResource Description Framework
RDLReport Definition Language
RDNRelative Distinguished Name
RDORemote Data Objects
RDPRemote Desktop Proctocol
RDSRemote Data Service
RDSRemote Desktop Services
REWindows Recovery Environment
ReactiveXReactive Extensions
ReFSResilient File System
RESTRepresentational State Transfer
RFCRequest for Comment
RIARich Internet Application
RIA ServicesWCF Rich Internet Application Services
RIDRelative Identifier Master
RIDRuntime Identifier
RMIRemote Method Invocation
RODCRead-only Domain Controller
ROTRunning Objects Table
RPCRemote Procedure Call
RRASRouting and Remote Access Service
RSMTRemote Server Management Tools
RSSReally Simple Syndication
RWDResponsive Web Design
Rx.NETReactive Extensions for .NET
RxJSReactive Extensions for JavaScript
SaaSSoftware as a Service
SACSemi-Annual Channel
SACLSystem Access Control List
SAFeScaled Agile Framework
SAMSecurity Account Manager
SAMSoftware Asset Management
SAOServer-Activated Object
SARSSingle Active Results Sets
SASSSyntactically Awesome Style Sheets
SAXSimple API for XML
SCASelf-contained Application
SCAService Component Architecture
SCC APIMicrosoft Source Code Control API
SCDSelf-contained Deployment
SCEMicrosoft System Center Essentials
SCESecurity Configuration Editor
SCMService Control Manager
SDSecurity Descriptor
SDASchema Discovery API
SDDLSecurity Descriptor Definition Language
SDESmart Device Extensions
SDKSoftware Development Kit
SDLSecurity Development Lifecycle
SDLThreat Modeling
SDLCSoftware Development Life Cycle
SDMSystem Definition Model
SDOService Data Objects
SEHStructured Exception Handling
SFASingle File Assembly
SFUWindows Services für UNIX
Shadow DOMShadow Document Object Model
SIDSecurity Identifier
SIMWindows System Image Manager
SIMDSingle Instruction, Multiple Data
SLMicrosoft Silverlight
SL3Microsoft Silverlight 3.0
SL4Microsoft Silverlight 4.0
SL5Microsoft Silverlight 5.0
SLPSSoftware Licensing and Protection Services
SMBServer Message Block
SMCSimple Managed C
SMLSystem Modeling Language
SMOSQL Management Objects
SMOSQL Server Management Objects
SMSSystems Management Server
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNAStrongly Named Assembly
SNACSQL Native Client
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
SOAService Oriented Architecture
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol
SOHSmall Object Heap
SOSSon of Strike
SPService Pack
SPCSoftware Publisher Certificate
SPMShared Property Manager
SPXSequenced Packet eXchange
SQLStructured Query Language
SQLCLRSQL Server Common Language Runtime
SQLOSSQL Operating System
SSASSQL Server Analysis Services
SSCEMicrosoft SQL Server Compact Edition
SSCLIShared Source Common Language Infrastructure
SSDLStore Schema Definition Language
SSDTSQL Server Developer Tools
SSHSecure Shell
SSHSystem Script Host
SSIServer Side Includes
SSISSQL Server Integration Services
SSLSecure Socket Layer
SSPSecurity Support Provider
SSRSSQL Server Reporting Services
STLC++ Standard (Template) Library
STL/CLRStandard Template Library/CLR
STLCLRStandard Template Library CLR
STSSecurity Token Service
SVGScalable Vector Graphics
SVMSecure Virtual Machine
SWCServices without Components
SWTStandard Widget Toolkit
SxSSide-By-Side Execution
SyncFXMicrosoft Synchronization Framework
T4Text Template Transformation Toolkit
TAPTask-based asynchronous Pattern
TAPTechnology Adoption Program
TCLTool Command Language
Tcl/TkTool Command Language Toolkit
TCPTransmission Control Protocol
TDDTest Driven Development
TDLTemplate Definition Language
TDLTemplate Description Language
TDSTabular Data Stream
TechEdMicrosoft TechEd
TEEMicrosoft TechEd Europe
TFCSTeam Foundation Core Services
TFOMTeam Foundation Object Model
TFPSTeam Foundation Power Tools
TFSTeam Foundation Server
TFS 2012Team Foundation Server 2012
TFS 2013Team Foundation Server 2013
TFS 2017Team Foundation Server 2017
TFVCTeam Foundation Version Control
TLAThree Letter Acronym
TLDTag Library Descriptor
TLSThread Local Storage
TMGForefront Threat Management Gateway
TMSLTabular Model Scripting Language Tabular Model Scripting Language
TOMText Object Model
TPLTask Parallel Library
TPMTrusted Platform Module
TSQLTransact SQL
TSUserExADSI Extension for Terminal Services User Configuration
TUIText User Interface
TxFTransactional File System
TxRTransactional Registry
UACUser Account Control
UAPUser Account Protection
UATUser Acceptance Test
UCAUniversal Console App
UCEUnified Composition Engine
UCMAUnified Communications Managed API
UCSUniversal Character Set
UDAUniversal Data Access
UDDIUniversal Description, Discovery and Integration
UDLUniversal Data Link
UDMUnified Dimensional Model
UDPUser Datagram Protocol
UIKitUser Interface Kit
UMIUniversal Management Interface
UMLUnified Modeling Language
UNCUniversal Naming Convention
UPMUnified Provider Model
UPNUmgekehrt polnische Notation
UPNUser Principal Name
URIUniform Resource Identifier
URLUniform Resource Locator
URNUniform Resource Name
URTUniversal Component Rumtime
UserIDUser Identifier
UTCUniversal Coordinated Time
UTFUCS Transformation Format
UUIDUniversal Unique Identifier
UWAUniversal Windows App
UWPUniversal Windows Platform
UWP AppUniversal Windows Platform App
UXUser Experience
VBVisual Basic
VB 10.0Visual Basic 2010
VB 11.0Visual Basic 2012
VB 7.0Visual Basic .NET 2002
VB 7.1Visual Basic .NET 2003
VB 8.0Visual Basic 2005
VB 9.0Visual Basic 9.0
VB.COMVisual Basic .COM
VB.NETVisual Basic .NET
VB6Visual Basic Version 6.0
VB7Visual Basic Version 7.0
VBAVisual Basic for Applications
VBCCEVisual Basic Control Creation Edition
VBEEVisual Basic Express Edition
VBSVisual Basic Script
VBXVisual Basic Control
VCPPVisual C++
VCPP2005Visual C++ 2005
VDOMVirtual Document Object Model
VES Virtual Execution System
VFPVisual FoxPro
VIVisual Interdev
VISTAVisual Studio Analyser
VOS Virtual Object System
VSVisual Studio
VS SDKVisual Studio Software Development Kit
VS.NETVisual Studio .NET
VS.NET 2002Visual Studio .NET 2002
VS.NET 2003Visual Studio .NET 2003
VS16Visual Studio 2019
VS17Visual Studio 2022
VS2005Visual Studio 2005
VS2008Visual Studio 2008
VS2010Visual Studio 2010
VS2012Visual Studio 2012
VS2013Visual Studio 2013
VS2015Visual Studio 2015
VS2017Visual Studio 2017
VS6Visual Studio 6.0
VS8Visual Studio .NET 8.0
VSAVisual Studio for Applications
VSCCVisual Studio .NET Combined Help Collection
VSCEVisual Studio Community Edition
VSCodeVisual Studio Code
VSHIKVisual Studio Help Integration Kit
VSIPVisual Studio Industry Partner
VSIXVisual Studio Integration Extension
VSOVisual Studio Online
VSSVisual SourceSafe
VSTAVisual Studio Tools for Applications
VSTOVisual Studio Tools for Office
VSTSVisual Studio Team Services
VSTSVisual Studio Team System
VSTS 2010Visual Studio Team System 2010
VSXVisual Studio Extensibility
VTBLVirtual Table
VTSVersion Tolerant Serialization
VWDVisual Web Developer
VWDSEVisual Web Developer Express Edition
W08Windows Server 2008
W08R2Windows Server 2008 Release 2
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium
W3SVCWebservice W3SVC
WABSWindows Azure Biztalk Services
WACWindows Admin Center
WAMSWindows Azure Mobile Services
WAPWeb Application Project
WAPWindows API Platform
WASWindows Activation Service
WASWindows Application Server
WASIWebAssembly System Interface
WAWSWindows Azure Websites
WBAWeb-Browser Applications
WBEMWeb Based Enterprise Management
WBTWindows based Terminal
WCAGWeb Content Accessibility Guidelines
WCFWindows Communication Foundation
WCF DAWCF Data Service
WCMSWeb Content Management System
WCOWWindows Containers on Windows
WCPWindows Compatibility Pack
WCPWindows Compatibility Pack for .NET Core
WCSWindows CardSpace
WCSFWeb Client Software Factory
WDACWindows Data Access Components
WDAGWindows Defender Application Guard
WDFWindows Driver Foundation
WDFWindows Driver Framework
WDIWindows Diagnostics Infrastructure
WDM Win32 Driver Model
WDPWeb Deployment-Projekt
Web DeployIIS Web Deployment Tool
WebAdminASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool
WebCILWeb Common Intermediate Language
WebGLWeb Graphics Library
Web-RPCWeb Remote Procedure Call
WERWindows Error Reporting
WFWindows Workflow Foundation
WFCWindows Foundation Classes
WFMGRWorkflow Manager
WFPWindows Feedback Platform
WFPWindows Filtering Platform
WGFWindows Graphics Foundation
WIAWindows Image Acquisition
WIDWindows Internal Database
WIFWindows Identity Foundation
WILLWindows Interface Language
WIMWindows Imaging Format
Win32-APIWindows 32 Application Programming Interface
WinAppDriverWindows Application Driver
WinDNAWindows DNA
Windows VIWindows Vista
WinFormsWindows Forms
WinFSWindows File System
WinFXWindows Framework
WinGetWindows Package Manager
WinHECWindows Hardware Engineering Conference
WinHTTPWindows HTTP Services
WinINetWindows Internet
WinJSWindows Library for JavaScript
WinMDWindows Metadata
WinPEWindows Preinstallation Environment
WinPRTWindows Phone Runtime
WinRMWindows Remote Management
WinRSWindows Remote Shell
WinRTWindows Runtime
WINSWindows Internet Naming Service
WinSATWindows System Assement Tool
WinSDKWindows Software Development Kit
WinsockWindows Sockets
WinSPRWindows System Performance Rating
WinUIWindows UI Library
WinUI3Windows UI Library 3.0
WinWSWindows Workflow Engine
WIPWindows Insider Program
WIQLWork Item Query Language
WITWork Item Types
WiXWindows Installer XML
WKGUIDWell Known Global Unique Identifier
WLKWindows Logo Kit
WMCXWindows Media Center Extender Technology
WMFWindows Management Framework
WMIWindows Management Instrumentation
WMIWindows Management Instrumentation Version 2
WMICWMI Command Line Utility
WMLWireless Markup Language
WMSWindows Monitoring Service
WNDPWindows Network Developer Platform
WNSWindows Push Notification Service
WOAWindows on ARM
WORAWrite Once Run Anywhere
WOWWindows-On-Windows 64-bit
WOW64Windows on Windows64
WPAWindows Produkt Aktivierung
WPFWindows Presentation Foundation
WPF/EWindows Presentation Foundation Everywhere
WPOWeb Page Optimization
WPSWindows Powered Smartphone
WPSWindows PowerShell
WPS2Windows PowerShell 2.0
WPS3Windows PowerShell 3.0
WQLWMI Query Language
WRCWindows Runtime Component
WRLWindows Runtime Library
WRPWindows Resource Protection
WRSWeb Rendering Service
WSWindows Scripting
WSAWeb Services Architecture
WSAWindows Subsystem for Android
WSCWindows Script Component
WSDAPIWeb Services for Devices API
WSDKWeb Service Development Kit
WSDLWeb Services Description Language
WSEWeb Services Enhancements
WSFWindows Scripting File
WSHWindows Script Host
WS-IWeb Services Interoperability Organisation
WSLWindows Subsystem for Linux
WSLgWindows Subsystem for Linux GUI
WS-ManWeb Services Management Protocol
WSMLWeb Services Meta Language
WSPPWork Group Server Protocol Program
WSSWindows Server System
WSSWindows SharePoint Services
WTLWindows Template Library
WTSWindows Terminal Server
WVGWindows Vector Graphics
WWAWindows Web Application
WWWWorld Wide Web
WYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
XAMLeXtensible Application Markup Language
XAPSilverlight Application Package
XBAPXAML Browser Application
XBox XDKXBox Development Kit
XDLXML Diff Language
XDR XML-Data Reduced
XEventExtended Event
XFXamarin Forms
XHTMLExtensible Hypertext Markup Language
XMSQL Server Express Manager
XMLExtensible Markup Language
XML DOMExtensible Markup Language Document Object Model
XMPExtended Management Packs
XOMLeXtensible Object Markup Language
XOPXML-binary Optimized Packaging
XPATHXML Path Language
XPCOMCross Platform Component Object Model
XPSXML Paper Specification
XQueryXML Query Language
XSD XML Schema Definition Language
XSD.exeXML Schemas DataTypes Support Utility
XSLExtensible Stylesheet Language
XSLTXML Stylesheet Language Transformations
XSSCross-Site Scripting
XSSICross-site Script Inclusion
YAGNIYou Ain't Gonna Need It
YAMLYAML Ain't Markup Language
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